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What Is Branding?

Branding is the process of assigning characteristics and properties within and outside an offering to give that generic offering an identity which helps it to be recognised and differentiated in the market.

Three points that should be noted in this definition of branding are –

One should not ignore the importance of branding. It has become a necessity for products, organisations, and even humans today. There’s no dearth of offerings with similar properties and the only thing that separates the particular offering from the competition in such a case is the brand.

Branding the offering should be a priority before the launch of the product in the market as it helps to:

Branding isn’t limited to just name and logo. It is a combination of characteristics and properties which have an effect on almost all of our senses to result in a uniform experience every time we have contact with it.

Branding is made up of innumerable elements few of which are –

  • Name: The name which we use to identify the product with.
  • Logo: A symbol or other design adopted by the business to identify its brand.
  • Color: A colour mostly used by the business in its marketing messages to describe or complement the brand.
  • Vision: The group of goals or objective behind the brand that help guide its activities and its future.
  • Message: the value proposition of the brand which it conveys through the brand personality to set the brand positioning.
  • Shape: Either the distinct shape of the offering or the shape of the packaging.
  • Aroma: The distinct smell which the user experiences before, during, or after he uses the offering.
  • Graphics: The uniform and distinct aesthetics used in the marketing messages.
  • Sound: The sound used in the marketing messages to reinforce the brand identity

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