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Your website will also look at lot better. Static websites are clunky and old (most people can tell they’re outdated just from a quick glance), so choosing dynamic websites can make you look more professional. Removing old content, adding new content, or changing the basic design of your dynamic website isn’t a big deal and will only take a few minutes. Don’t like the font on your website? Dynamic websites let you change all the font on every page with a click of a button. Dynamic websites let you make edits and updates to your website even if you don’t have a lot of experience with HTML coding.

Dynamic websites make things simpler for you, your customers, and the people who haven’t found you yet.
Static websites take forever to set up. Each page has to be individually coded and even if most of your pages looked the same, you still have to code each one individually, meaning you have to code things like headers, banners, and footers over and over again.
Dynamic websites let you copy your coding onto different pages, which cuts the workload at least in half.


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